Who we are

Vizibal came to being when it became apparent that most of the public and private sector view ads at Little League ballparks, soccer tournaments and inside of high school play books as charitable.  When the ads were purchased through the efforts of the families associated with the event or organization there was little expectation in the ad's ability to produce additional sales. 

Something clicked at that point.  These events; the soccer tournaments, the high school plays, the apple festivals of the world have highly targeted and focused advertising opportunities to the right organization providing they were known.  That is where Vizibal comes in, we provide a marketplace where companies or organizations can search for those very specific demographic opportunities and aggregate their ad buys in to a single purchase.

When you have the opportunity to purchase not just one, not just three, but potentially hundreds of smaller demographic focused ads you have created a truly powerful marketing campaign, whether it be for penetrating a new region ahead of a store opening, going after a new niche market such as lacrosse clothing, or spreading the message of national awareness campaigns.

That is Vizibal, come join us!