What is Vizibal?

Vizibal is a simple, secure and reliable way to buy and sell all types of advertising. You can sell your advertisement opportunities whether they are large or small. There are no fees involved for the seller. People and businesses can shop for advertising that is targeted to highly specific audiences. Theses advertisements will include but not be limited to event and team sponsorships, athletic fields, event programs, billboards and school district opportunities.

We have created a platform where our members can buy and sell with confidence. We directly handle all the transactions on our marketplace. We stand behind every purchase made on Vizibal so that you can shop and sell with confidence.

How can I trust buying on Vizibal?

We understand that safety and trust are really important to you. We’ve got you covered!

After you check out, we place the sale in escrow while the seller confirms ad availability. Once the seller confirms, we then charge your credit card and process the order. If we don't hear back from the seller, the order will simply be cancelled & your credit card will not be charged.

Since ads involve wording and images, Vizibal has provided a way for the buyer and the seller to exchange messages and media. When the seller is satisfied with the exchange of information they will notify Vizibal of their satisfaction with the purchase and Vizibal will release the funds to the seller through our payment gateway provider Stripe.

Vizibal relies upon Stripe (stripe.com) as trusted partner to handle all transactions and the consumer information that involved. Vizibal will not store or record information such as credit cards numbers or ACH routing numbers on our systems.

How do I sell on Vizibal?

Here’s how selling on Vizibal works: First, create a listing by clicking on "Create new offer". It’s free and just takes a few minutes. Make your listing standout by taking high quality photos of your ad location. Make sure to add as much information as you can about the ad, it's location, physical size, material, expected audience, etc & include relevant photos to give the buyer an opportunity to buy with confidence - we promise you will have a much better chance to sell when you provide a lot of details.

Once your item sells, sit back and let us do the hard work. Vizibal will electronically verify the buyer and place the funds in escrow where you can see them, and trust the buyer will fulfill the request. Once the exchange of information is confirmed we will electronically place the funds into your bank account where they will be available for your organization. Vizibal provides the ability to view all the transactions and their history for your record keeping at all times.

What are the fees for selling on Vizibal?

Listing is free on Vizibal. When you make a sale, we will add a small fee to the buyers invoice based upon the size of the sale. The full listed price of the ad opportunity will go to you as the seller. Here is the breakdown:

  • less than $25: free
  • less than $50: $1.30
  • $50 or higher: 7%

In return: Vizibal will serve as your customer service, provide pricing recommendations, promote & market your item, handle the financial transaction (including paying credit card fees) & deposit the sales proceeds into your account.

All sales are final. We will issue a full refund for items purchased that fall within these categories:

  • unfulfilled ad purchase
  • ad not fulfilled as promised
  • ad opportunity not as described

Please contact us within 24 hours of display of your ad(s) at Info@Vizibal.com and we'll work with you to resolve the issue immediately.

Why are sales final?

As a buyer, once you submit a request for purchase & the seller confirms they will remove their ad from the market, thus losing the ability to sell it to anyone else given your commitment to purchase. Missing the opportunity to sell an ad can be very problematic for a seller as they are often in a time crunch. Before selecting an ad it's important to be confident in your purchase.

As a seller you are expected to truthfully state the size, location and potential viewing size of the advertising opportunity. These factors enable buyers to make informed decisions and set their expectation on the ad's effectiveness.

If we feel that your listing violates these guidelines in any way, we reserve the right to remove it and may take other actions, including restricting your future buying and selling privileges on Vizibal

How much should I charge for my listing?

We’re always trying to think of great ways to help you manage your listing, but sometimes one of the most stressful things to do is to decide on a price for your listing!

To get an idea of what market prices are like in your area, you can search for comparable ad listings in your city or neighborhood. The rule of thumb is that the greater the audience potential the greater the price of the ad.

What is the process for issuing a refund?

We take the process of refund claims very seriously. We will open a full, formal investigation into each claim upon request from a buyer. Claims must be reported within 24 hours of ad start time.

Please note that our moving partners are not equipped to make judgement decisions regarding return issues. If an item has already been delivered to you when a claim is opened, we will not be able to return it to seller until your claim has been completed. It is important that claim decisions are final, comprehensive, and fair to both buyers and sellers. Therefore, we ask that you be patient as we complete the necessary steps. Resolution time will be 72 hours.

Once a claim is opened, we will reach out to both buyer and seller for information and evidence regarding the fulfillment of the ad. If a buyer feels an ad is not as advertised we will ask for photo evidence to compare to the original posting. We will also reach out to every seller and consider their viewpoint. We will review correspondence between buyer and seller to ensure that communication has been honest and forthright.

When all available information has been considered, we will work hard to come to a fair solution that adheres to our stated policies.

If an ad was delivered as stated, and does not qualify for Vizibal's return policy:

-The ad will occur as stated and charges will proceed appropriately.

If an ad is not as stated:

-The buyer will have the option to have the ad occur if they are comfortable with it. Otherwise, the buyer will be refunded in full.

Disputes are rare. While they can be frustrating for both parties, we ask that you follow the formal process, provide the necessary evidence, and trust the Vizibal team to reach a fair decision in each case.

Why Sell on Vizibal?

Vizibal Seller Facts:

  • Listing your ad opportunity on Vizibal opens up your ad to companies and organizations that otherwise would not be aware of your opportunity.
  • Vizibal handles the listing and makes it "easy" for both the sellers and buyers to perform ad listing and buying transactions.
  • Direct payment: Funds are sent via direct deposit so there are no awkward cash exchanges or paper check exchanges.
  • By establishing a market overtime the value of all advertising will rise creating more revenue for those selling, while creating greater and broader reach opportunities for those buying.